To lead in the aerospace industry is to be a pioneer in materials and profiles that fulfil greater purposes with less. We realise to do this, material types must not be used independently, rather, compounded to form wholly integrated structures that leverage several resilient properties. 

From your everyday passenger aircraft, to search-and-rescue rotorcraft, or even satellites; our material proficiencies allow us to develop advanced composites and functionalised structures that allow our customers to achieve their greatest aspirations.  

Our Goals 

  • Reduce structural and composite weight by improving homogeneity in components 
  • Widening the operating limits of elements with the integration of novel material combinations 
  • Increasing efficiencies with reduced cross-system complexity through functionalised materials 
  • Improving turnaround rates by lowering MRO requirements  
  • Maintaining and enhancing pre-existing safety frameworks  

Our Current Research 

  • Thermal control systems for critical environments, specifically satellite subsystems and aircraft. 
  • Enhanced radiation shielding 
  • Advanced functionalised CFRP composites