Our Technology


From your everyday passenger aircraft, to search-and-rescue rotorcraft, or even satellites; our material proficiencies allow us to develop advanced composites and functionalised structures that allow our customers to achieve their greatest aspirations. 
Our Goals
  • Reduce structural and composite weight by improving homogeneity in components
  • Widening the operating limits of elements with the integration of novel material combinations
  • Increasing efficiencies with reduced cross-system complexity through functionalised materials
  • Improving turnaround rates by lowering MRO requirements
  • Maintaining and enhancing pre-existing safety frameworks 


Often unnoticed by the public eye, catalysts are a crucial component in creating various products that have significant impact on our daily lives. With the scalable processes and materials developed at NanoPlexus, we strive for greater catalyst and support performance, together with fast turnaround times for feasibility studies and a platform for intergenerational testing.
Our Current Research
  • Nano-catalysts for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions in fuel cells and electrolyser systems
  • Functional scaffolds enhancing the efficiency of catalysts
  • Scalable electrochemical-colloidal synthesis routes towards more cost-effective catalysts


As the lifeblood of modern society, a sustainable source and supply of energy is crucial to economies around the world. At NanoPlexus, we aim to implement nanomaterials in various sectors and levels of industry to enhance efficiencies and output/yields across the board.
Our Goals
  • Sustainable energy storage devices with greater capacity and quicker charge/discharge cycles
  • Economical fuel cells with greater efficiencies promoting a commercially viable hydrogen infrastructure and economy
  • Promotion and development of carbon capture and storage material technologies
  • Zero-carbon integrated energy systems